Doug Ford Should Be Ontario’s Next Premier

Playing the pro-cannabis card is so hot right now, I am baffled Wynne still hasn’t accepted that opposing is a losing battle. Doug Ford can win on this agenda alone.

Via Chris Selley at The National Post:

Ford simply mooted the idea of people other than government employees selling an intoxicant. That’s precisely the agenda Wynne has been pursuing with frankly surprising enthusiasm on alcohol, which is a much more damaging intoxicant that’s now available at quite a few grocery stores. And she’s marketing herself as the serious option? She has never looked more like a fraud, and while I’m sure it will play well with the unions and the Presbyterian set, it certainly won’t help rally the younger voters she needs to coalesce around her party. Millennial Ontarians might dig statism as a general concept, but they also seem quite attached to the marijuana dispensaries that Wynne promises to put out of business for the sake of the children.